They monitored almost 9,000 children aged between two and 11 years between 2003 and 2010. They focused on four of the main components that are associated with heart health - body mass index (BMI), a healthy diet, blood pressure and total cholesterol.

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Buffett and his second-in-command, Charlie Munger, werefielding questions at the annual shareholder meeting. Buffett was responding to a question about howthe SIFI designation would affect Berkshire.

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Lawmakers are debating whether to give President Barack Obama "fast-track" authority to negotiate deals such as the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Trade is a rare issue on which the White House enjoys support from Republicans, but many Democrats are opposed.


Supporters say they connect with people in a way Charles does not, and their easy-going nature and Kate's background as the first "commoner" to marry a prince in close proximity to the throne in more than 350 years reflected a new version of royalty.

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Michael Gamble, a friend, posted: "Emily … never failed to smile and make others smile, so I'll try my best to do the same during these circumstances - knowing that if there is a heaven, she is most definitely up there."

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Altogether 995 pleas for abortion were approved by this one district office in Berlin office between June 1945 to 1946. The files contain over 1,000 fragile scraps of paper of different colours and sizes. In childish round handwriting, one girl testifies that she was assaulted in the living room of her home in front of her parents.

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Shocked by last month's record disaster, European Unionleaders agreed to triple funding for the EU sea patrol missionTriton, but there is still disagreement on what to do with thepeople fleeing conflict and poverty in various parts of Africaand the Middle East.

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While the pope is apparently in good health, there is alwaysintense attention paid to a pontiff's condition, especiallysince Francis's predecessor stepped down in 2013 citing hisadvanced age and frailty.

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It's the fate of history to be rewritten to suit the agenda of the present. That's why first-hand accounts are so valuable - from those who brave the subject now, in their old age, and from those younger voices who put pencil to paper on the spot.

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Lady Kinvara and her siblings spent some of their childhood in a property on the Arundel estate. She now lives in a flat in Earl’s Court, west London, and has several jobs: entrepreneur, fashion pundit, journalist and playwright. She was briefly married to Count Riccardo Lanza, an Italian party organiser said to have masterminded George Clooney’s Venice nuptials.

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The company urged fans to document their Sept. 4 shopping experiences on social media with hashtags #ForceFriday and #MidnightMadness. It also unveiled new product packaging that features Kylo Ren, a masked villain from "The Force Awakens."

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A Facebook and Instagram campaign were started shortly afterthe letter was published called "Demand for Trial of MahmoudAhmadinejad". The creators of the Facebook page declined aninterview request.

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As Nguyen speaks, dozens of students are learning about cuticle care in a lecture behind him. At 41, Mr Nguyen was born just before the fall of Saigon. In Vietnam, his father was a military officer and his mother a hairdresser. His parents pressured him to become a doctor, which he dutifully did, but then he decided his heart was in the nail business.

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"The government of Rwanda and the Ministry of Health has a set vision. It's no secret that NGOs and other foreign investors who are part of the health sector in Rwanda work in line with the vision of the health sector, or they don't work there at all."


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