The timers count down from 2:25 for locally televised games and from 2:45 for nationally televised games. Pitchers no longer take any warm-up pitches with 30 seconds left on the clock, and hitters are "encouraged" to get into the batter’s box with 20 seconds left on the timer, MLB said.

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But, asked at a news conference if the suspect expressed any anti-police sentiment or was influenced by recent demonstrations against police, Police Commissioner William Bratton said there was no indication of that. "We haven't identified any activity on his part whatsoever on social media," he told reporters about two hours after the shooting.

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Las Vegas Sands Corp. Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson uses a magnifying glass to read a document during a wrongful termination case at the Clark County Justice Center on Friday, May 1, 2015, in Las Vegas. The former president of Sands Macau, Steven Jacobs, is suing Adelson, Sands China and Las Vegas Sands after he was fired in 2010. (David Becker/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

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Officials on Sunday are still registering the 61 women and 214 children, almost all girls. Many critically malnourished babies and children have been put on intravenous drips in the clinic and 21 have been hospitalized for gunshot wounds and fractured limbs, said a camp official.


“There’s no place in the digital world other than Twitter where you can get the real-time information and interactivity that you get there,” says Debra Aho Williamson, principal analyst for social media at eMarketer, which analyses ad spending online. “Advertisers find that really, really useful. For ”in-the-moment marketing’, Twitter is really well positioned to take advantage of that.”

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Almost two in three people with dementia live at home and most of these are cared for by a member of their family. There are an estimated 50,000 family carers in Ireland caring for people with dementia.

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Some doubt Ahmadinejad will be prosecuted regardless of thevalidity of the charges as this could tarnish Khamenei, whosesupport was key to Ahmadinejad's grip on power, especially afterhis 2009 re-election when popular unrest over alleged vote fraudwere crushed by security forces.

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Its breadth and depth, which includes $63.7 billion of cash,has given Berkshire a strong balance sheet that Buffett saidwill help it thrive should the economy, propped up by lowinterest rates that many expect to rise soon, heads south.

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Within six months his shoes had been featured in Vogue, gaining the praise of legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld. Other high profile fans have since included Keira Knightley, model Miranda Kerr and members of One Direction.

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Despite accusing Wilpon, Martinez apparently doesn’t hold him responsible. He told the Times in an interview: “When you're going to get hurt, you’re going to get hurt. I don’t have anybody to blame but probably myself for not listening to my body. I think I was brave to pitch games, but I think I took it to extremes that day.”

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There’s a consoling sense of fleeting camaraderie being forged in this toxic environment, of awkwardness and reserve softening somewhat, but these are small crumbs of comfort. And the big question remains: is this the best we can do? Let’s grow the economy, yes, but not lose our humanity in the post-industrial process.

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Those are remarkable numbers for a candidate not expected to face serious opposition for the Democratic presidential nomination and who polling suggests will start as a favorite in the general election next year against any Republican candidate.

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The creators expected around 50 people to be interested in trying out the project, but the site has gone viral, racking up over 35,000 users as of yesterday, and likely hundreds of thousands more today.

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This time around, it’s James’ squad working short-handed, with star forward Kevin Love out the remainder of the season with a shoulder injury and starting guard J.R. Smith suspended for the first two games. So James will carry more responsibility for producing and creating offensively.

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Goldberg was a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur and venture capitalist. His death wasconfirmed by SurveyMonkey, which is known for its Web-based survey technology. The company did notdisclose the cause of death. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and a friend of the family, saidit occurred while Goldberg was on vacation abroad with Sandberg.

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However, the underlying problem seems impossible to solve: as long as vicious conflicts and crushing poverty continue in the Middle East and Africa, their victims will be drawn to the relative peace and prosperity of Europe.


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