In May 2014, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed a law that teenagers 16 and younger cannot use indoor tanning facilities and those who are 17 must have parental consent. Two months later, the U.S. surgeon general issued a call to action against the $5 billion tanning industry. Following California’s ban in 2011, ten other states have since passed under-18 legislation: Vermont, Nevada, Texas, Oregon, Illinois, Washington, Minnesota, Hawaii, Louisiana and Delaware.

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"We were rehearsing in a synagogue when the news started spreading," says O'Farrill, who was there that December day to record the follow-up album to "The Offense of the Drum," his recent Grammy-winner.

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The Greens would aim to build 500,000 socially rented homes by 2020. The party has also said it would scrap the Help to Buy scheme, claiming it has done nothing to help those in the greatest housing need – and that it has contributed to “excessive” demand, worsening the housing crisis for young people.

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“It’s a team effort,” Bulls big man Pau Gasol said. “We’ll all be active. Because of his size and ability to pass, he gets everybody involved, gets other guys easy looks. So you don’t want to lock in too much on him because that opens it for the rest of the guys and then he opens the floor up for himself.”

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“I’ve always played the nice guy, and try to be personable at the table,” he said. “It’s genuinely not my goal to do that to make money. If you told me I could make more by being an a------, I wouldn’t do it.”

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Air Force fighter pilot Kevin McManus spent nearly six years as a prisoner of war in a squalid Vietnamese cell, dreaming of his three great loves: his wife, his country and his favorite place in the world, New York City.

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"There is no reason, in logic or in terms of what we'veheard, to think that Berkshire would be designated as a SIFI,"Buffett said at Berkshire's annual meeting, using the acronymfor systemically important financial institution. "I do notthink Berkshire comes within miles of qualifying as a SIFI."

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Not far from Modena lies Bologna, the largest city of the region. A visit there offers a contrast of urban grit and dirt to the quaint, pruned smaller towns in the region. Near the central piazza, Bologna has leaning towers (at an ever more perilous pitch than the more famous one in Pisa). Known as Due Torri, the structures date from 1109. Bologna, home to the oldest university in the world, serves as the area’s intellectual hub, spawning a thriving cafe culture.

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Earth's Mightiest Heroes didn't leave much left over for other films in the marketplace. A vast chasm exists between the first and second place finishers on the domestic charts, with "Age of Adaline" clocking in behind "Avengers: Age of Ultron" with $6.3 million, bringing Lionsgate's romantic fantasy's total to $23.4 million.

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"They said it's going to be a struggle if they oppose it, but you know what? We're ready to struggle and we're ready to struggle with OHA," said TMT opponent Kahookahi Kanuha, 26. "It's nothing that they have to do alone."

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"A total of 26 bodies were uncovered - 24 men, one woman and one unknown," said Police General Jarumporn Suramanee, adding the operation was now completed. There had been estimates of up to 30 bodies buried at the site.

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"I played in the box at Alabama, but I was a safety," he says. "It was not an 'in-the-box safety.' I played free, strong, and played our 'money' position, which was our fifth (defensive back) on the field. I was not just an in-the-box safety."

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Accounting for currency translation, the donation total is already getting close to that new goal. There are, amazingly, 44 days left on the Kickstarter campaign--who knows how high the total could grow? In addition to specific milestones, Playtonic notes than any extra money helps them grow and polish the game "to the Nth degree".

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Announcing the passing of plain packaging legislation recently, Minister for Children James Reilly said the measure was particularly aimed at discouraging smoking among children and younger people by de-glamourising cigarette packaging.

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President Obama has said that he will veto any attempt to repeal his signature health care law, as successful action on Thursday’s budget would advance the legislation through the Senate. He also asserted that he would block Republicans from boosting defense spending unless they agree to provide relief for domestic programs as well.

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Many of the catenae are unarguably the result of debris that was flung out of primary impact bowls (dug out by intact colliding comets or asteroids). These ejecta strings form radial patterns that can be traced back to an obvious source.

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As of 11 p.m. Saturday, a handful of people had been arrested, including one man who was blasted with pepper spray, and another man was photographed being tossed around by his dreadlocks by a Baltimore police officer.

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The sea is one of the main routes into the European Union for tens of thousands of mostly Asian and African migrants fleeing war and poverty, with almost 40,000 people having arrived this year already.

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In a change that has confounded Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservatives, Miliband has already shed some of his social awkwardness and pitched a resilient, more human face, even laughing at some of his own imperfections.

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Fighting around Yemen has killed more than 1,000 people,including an estimated 551 civilians since the bombings started,the United Nations said on April 24. Its children's agencyUNICEF said at least 115 children were among the dead.

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The Government has reached agreement with the doctors' union, the IMO, which will allow for the introduction shortly of free GP care for all under sixes in the population. GPs will receive a basic fee of €125 per annum for treating patients under the age of six.

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For their part, most New Yorkers were justifiably proud of the visual hullabaloo. Only occasionally did nostalgia for the earlier gaslight era creep in. A newspaper columnist wrote that whoever knows New York only by its bright lights does not really know the city at all.

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"Rents are very expensive and nobody thought that a salon would make enough money in the mall," he says. Eighteen months ago, Bruno's Place opened up in Ikeja Mall in Lagos - a middle-class area in Nigeria's commercial capital.

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That’s a business model that investors are buying into. Recent reports of a $400m round of funding for Spotify adds up to a market valuation of $8bn. But the marketplace is about to get more crowded. Apple, which refused requests for comment from The Independent, is widely expected to launch its own streaming service this summer after it bought Dr Dre’s Beats last year. “Apple is launching a pay-only service, we’re assuming,” Mr Ingham said.

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Almost paradoxically, that refusal may have been one more aspect of her independence, her desire to pave her own path. For Ms. Plisetskaya, her artistic home was the Bolshoi in which she was trained and rose to glory. It was both theater and symbol, and its attractions could overcome the entreaties of friends beyond the Iron Curtain.

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Maharrey says his proposed legislation is just the latest example of a US tradition of states expressing their independence from an intrusive federal government. He says the movement's inspiration was the efforts of Northern states to undermine the federal requirement to return fugitive slaves prior to the Civil War.

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It would have been easy to justify using Miller on Saturday, especially with the Yankees clinging to 3-2 lead after seven innings. At that point the Betances-Miller formula practically guaranteed a victory, always big at Fenway Park, yet Girardi stuck to his plan.

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"I don't have to win going to Talladega this time, but I want to win," Keselowski said. "The kind of risk is still very small when you already have a win because we know we're not going to have to points-race our way into the Chase, so that puts me in a very similar position."

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Despite this high-profile killing, by the turn of the century the separatists militants had failed to make much headway in their campaign against the French state. In-fighting was consuming the various independence factions and public support for the armed struggle was declining.


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