1diakof himalayaMayweather was just as active, but much more accurate. He landed 34 percent of his total punches (148-435) and an impressive 25 percent of his jabs (67-267). His power shots were less frequent, but more effective, landing at 48 percent effectiveness (81-168).
2diakof siropBuffett and his second-in-command, Charlie Munger, werefielding questions at the annual shareholder meeting. Buffett was responding to a question about howthe SIFI designation would affect Berkshire.
3diakof syrupThe main gate with its cynical slogan "Arbeit macht frei" (Work sets you free) was rebuilt by a local blacksmith after the original was stolen last year. Merkel said it was alarming that the gate was never found. She also lamented that Jewish institutions need round-the clock police protection in Germany.
4diakofAny large construction project on Mauna Kea, which is considered protected land, must meet certain criteria, including that it may not have a substantial negative impact on the natural resources of the area.
5buy diakofWell done. I will try do the math, I understand the math, the puzzle piece that you are asking us to fill, I can't probably do it on that basis, but other than, let me make up comments. We agree 100% with your comment, I mean Q2 is very closely close to price business point, and so all you really need to do is to take our volumes obviously and take the actual Midwest transaction price. So, obviously Midwest premiums less cash LME with two month lag for the roughly 700,000 tons in the U.S. and the European delivered price obviously the LME cash plus the European duty paid premium in for the roughly 300,000 tons. Those are rough numbers in Iceland and that’s kind of before product premiums, and we've given you guidance back in February on product premiums, that's going to be weighted average delivered price.


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