The NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots, whichrepresents more than 2,700 of those pilots, is resisting whatthey call NetJets' efforts to cut its budget, reduce jobs, andobtain concessions on health care, job security and work rules.

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We are a team of more than 100 financial wizards, musicians, rock stars, artists, singers, aspiring philosophers and tech geeks working hard to change the way human beings think about and interact with finance.

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Buffett and his second-in-command, Charlie Munger, werefielding questions at the annual shareholder meeting. Buffett was responding to a question about howthe SIFI designation would affect Berkshire.

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New York may be moving to end an injustice dating back to the 1930s after an overwhelming, bipartisan vote by the state Senate Labor Committee to give full and equal labor rights to the state’s 100,000 farm workers.

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The online tool was developed by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and the Great Lakes Commission. It provides information that can help policymakers, researchers and others to see how removing particular barriers or adding new ones would affect the lamprey control effort.

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Foregoing the usual vertiginous heels she'd have to wear on the catwalk, Lily has gone for some skate shoes to finish off her off-duty look instead. But these aren't just any skate shoes... oh no. These are much-coveted label Céline's iconic python pair

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"Tesla Energy is a critical step in this mission to enable zero emission power generation." However, Mr Musk conceded: "I don't believe this product in its first incarnation will be interesting to the average person."

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Opposition members of parliament for the Greens and Left party have requested more information from Merkel's government about the BND's assistance to the NSA. German media said there were indications EU governments and agencies, especially France, were the targets of the BND's spying for the NSA.

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The Discovery of over 160-million-year-old fossils in northeastern China, reported Wednesday in the journal Nature, calls attention to a dinosaur species that may have tried to take to the air on featherless wings. It was one of presumably many experiments in early flight that failed the test of time and was eventually abandoned. Scientists are not even sure how it was supposed to work.

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Bollywood's leading lady of the 1970s, Hema Malini, gave a memorable performance as Basanti, the talkative village belle who drives a horse cart and romances Veeru. Her conversations with her mare, Dhanno, became the stuff of legends.

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You can say that again. In its early days, it was one of those hot apps that got Silicon Valley very excited - mainly because it was a scurrilous message board for the tech community. A couple of good stories did emerge there - the imminent departure of a senior Google executive, and Nike's scaling down of its FuelBand project.

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“I just didn’t think he was mean enough on the football field,” Fluitt says. “I thought he was one of these kids ” I don’t want to use the term soft, but he just wasn’t a tough kid when he first came on board. Throughout the season, though, he got a little tougher.”

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GPs are set to be paid €125 per annum per child patient under six under the new contract. This compares to an annual fee of around €75 for children in a similar age group in the current medical card scheme.

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The relentless flood of migrants is continuing this year after 170,000 were rescued at sea by Italy in 2014 -- a 277-percent increase over the numbers in 2013. Italy has pressed the European Union to do more to help it save the migrants, especially since many of those plucked to safety are asylum seekers hoping to reach relatives in northern Europe.


"It was a terrible shock, but we will never forget yourexcitement as you hugged us and brought out a hand-sewn Americanflag you hid for the occasion," said a former U.S. soldier, AlanLukens. "The Nazis could not crush your spirit."

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“I think when you look at Brook, I think you can look at him in that way,” Hollins said. “He has some limitations. When I say limitations, I think that if he developed his post game, he could be a franchise player, but I don’t want to put that pressure on him, to say that if he doesn’t do that, he isn’t. I’m just saying that potentially with size and athleticism and the whole nine yards, from an offensive perspective. But there’s a lot more that goes into a franchise player than just skill, so I don’t even want to go there.”


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