Tesla's move into so-called "stationary storage" is a market with enormous growth potential: as the world slowly moves away from fossil fuels, it is seen as critical to a more widespread adoption of "clean" energy sources like solar and wind.
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“I just didn’t think he was mean enough on the football field,” Fluitt says. “I thought he was one of these kids ” I don’t want to use the term soft, but he just wasn’t a tough kid when he first came on board. Throughout the season, though, he got a little tougher.”
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Since succeeding her father as party chief in 2011, Marine Le Pen has sought to rid the National Front of its anti-Semitic image and position it as an anti-immigrant, Euroskeptic force offering protectionist policies to shelter France from globalization.
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and John Cornyn (R-Tex.) have supported well-intended efforts to stop locking up people arrested by police for minor offenses; they particularly want to cut down on jail sentencing for drug use and non-violent offenses that in some cities constitute the majority of police stops.
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Other net famous people have also used their appearance in memes to raise cash for good causes. Laina Morris, better known as the face of the overly-attached girlfriend meme, has used her YouTube channel to highlight charities needing cash.


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