Chelsea’s title is a triumph for Mourinho’s tactical nous and his players’ individual abilities and collective willpower. They are a team in the true sense of the word, playing for each other, covering each other’s back. They stood strong when injuries bit during the second half of the season, and when Palace attacked strongly late on in the second half here.
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To be sure, when Mosby, the Maryland state attorney for Baltimore City, announced the charges Friday she spent nearly 10 minutes detailing the events of April 12 when Gray, a black male, suffered a severe neck injury while in police custody.
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NASA scientists are glad for the successes recorded so far with the New Horizons spacecraft which has transmitted images detailing the surface of Pluto like never before, photos of the icy dwarf planet that had never been seen before.The rare photos were taken by the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager of the probe between April 12-18, and they provide detailed views of the surface of the dwarf planet enough to help scientists make conjectures about the far-off planet.
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"There are other sources which we are beginning to access," said Prof Paul Krause, who runs the Surrey laboratory where Wildsense was developed. "For example, a lot of professional photographers publish their photographs in libraries. We need permission to access those photos - but we're working with two or three people to grant us that access.
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Rescuers found Tamang buried in the collapsed remains of his home in Nuwakot's Kimtang village on Saturday. He was taken to a local hospital, where his condition was pronounced stable. Tamang suffered only minor injuries, according to AFP.


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