The ladies got together to help celebrate Victoria Beckham's husband, David's 40th birthday in Marrakech, Morocco. But their reunion may have taken some of the spotlight away from the birthday boy.

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"The number of adults who will have heart disease in their lifetime is projected to rise rapidly as our population ages. These new findings emphasise the need to bring forward initiatives to reduce the risks of heart disease," he commented.

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Blake Mycoskie is known as chief shoe giver within the social company he founded, Toms. Mycoskie, a university dropout, came up with the idea for Toms while travelling in Argentina and being overwhelmed at the number of children without shoes .

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The Ebola epidemic in West Africa has been fundamentally social, spreading through people's networks, and affecting those caring for the sick and dead. Much has been written about the social resistance to control strategies, but previous Ebola outbreaks show that local people draw on a wealth of knowledge to devise control strategies that are effective and that break with social and ritual norms. Evidence from this outbreak also shows adaptive behaviours occur rapidly.

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But the Giants love the fact that, as GM Jerry Reese says, “it’s like this guy doesn’t take any (garbage) from anybody.” They love that, as VP of Player Evaluation Marc Ross says, “he was the hardest working guy on the (Hurricanes).” Sure, Ross says, he was also “the nastiest guy, and you don’t want to mess with him.” But they love the intensity that Coughlin could even see in a TV shot of Flowers celebrating after he was drafted.


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