Buffett also said he expects a contentious contract disputebetween Berkshire's luxury aircraft unit NetJets and its pilotsto be resolved, and said he had "no anti-union agendawhatsoever." Some of the pilots picketed outside the meeting.
If all is well, and George has his own family, then the child will lead a life in the wings. If a tragedy occurs, she will be propelled into the spotlight. Thus, as with previous generations, she must be given as normal an education as possible, but trained for the eventuality that more might be expected of her. The arrival of younger brothers will not take that responsibility away as the arrival of Prince Andrew did for Princess Anne. It will be many years before she realises and comes to terms with this unusual situation.
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Such is the increase in Miliband's stature that he held hisown against Britain's most flamboyant politician, London MayorBoris Johnson, in a joint interview less than two weeks beforethe election.


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