A victory for Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative Party could bring Britain a step closer to leaving the 28-nation European Union, a move many companies fear would cause damage by increasing costs of doing business on the continent and eroding London's role as a global financial hub.

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This is where these sweet shorts are from that he’s been spotted in several times before. They’re now sold out in the light blue, but click right to buy the dark blue pair, or try our similar options below from the likes of trusty kidswear brands John Lewis and JoJo Maman Bébé. We just can’t wait to see the cute outfits Kate will be putting the little princess in

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Through its ubiquitous 'one for one’ campaign – Toms donates a pair of shoes for every pair purchased – the company has given away more than 35 million pairs of shoes since 2006. Its message has been a hit with youngsters, a crucial and difficult-to-reach market for any retailer, and the company has even trademarked its famous tagline.


The tycoon began work on the tennis court shortly after purchasing the estate in 2009, sparking a row with officials that lasted nearly four years and ended with the council issuing an enforcement notice.

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Asked if he accepted that Gordon Brown had spent too much as Chancellor and the Prime Minister, he replied: “No. I don’t. There was a global financial crisis which caused the deficit to rise.”

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Fish and Wildlife officials note that spring is the creature’s birth-giving time, one marked by greater aggression. Experts counsel residents to refrain from feeding any coyotes, and to bring in pets at night.

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While researching his 2002 book, Berlin, The Downfall, historian Antony Beevor found documents about sexual violence in the state archive of the Russian Federation. They were sent by the NKVD, the secret police, to their boss, Lavrentiy Beria, in late 1944.

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Ritter explained that a traditional computer used bits. Each bit represents either a one or a zero. On the other hand, a qubit can represent a one, a zero, and both at once. Therefore, two qubits can be in the states of 00,10 and 11 at the same time, a phenomenon known as superposition.

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The youngest workers also are digital natives, who come into the workplace expecting to have the latest type of tech, says Paul Phillips, head of consultancy services at the workplace consultancy Assurity Consulting, based in West Sussex.

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For a few fleeting moments, it was the real thing—a true boxing match, with flurries and stylistic differences and flashes of two champions’ old selves. Mayweather entered the night as a heavy favorite, but Pacquiao stayed aggressive, pushing Mayweather to the corners, landing combinations that idled him on the ropes. Pacquiao had lost two fights in the last three years but as the cheers of “Manny Manny Manny” rained down from the $1,500 face-value nosebleeds it was possible to momentarily, you know, believe.

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The "Avengers: Age of Ultron" results are still anastonishing feat and a testament to the powerful sway thatDisney and Marvel have over moviegoers around the world. Thethree biggest North American debuts in history are now allMarvel movies, with "Avengers: Age of Ultron" displacing "IronMan 3" and its $174.1 million opening from its runner-up perchon the all-time list.

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Jean-Marie Le Pen faces a party disciplinary hearing on Monday for repeating his view that Nazi gas chambers were a mere "detail" of the war and for defending Philippe Petain, the leader of the French war-time government that cooperated with Nazi Germany.

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Buffett and his chief lieutenant Charlie Munger answeredtheir five hours of shareholder and investor questions at theannual meeting in the downtown CenturyLink arena, from a stagewhere they downed Coca-Cola and munched on peanut brittle fromSee's.

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Hillary Clinton gave support to sentencing reform this week when she told her Columbia audience that putting too many people in jail leads to jail time and police records that pull people out of the job market. "Without the mass incarceration that we currently practice, millions of fewer people would be living in poverty," she said.


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