Other organizations give you the opportunity to drive the highest end sports vehicles, including six figure Ferraris — but for a lofty price (around $700) and bound by a tight time frame (2 hours). That’s more like an amusement park ride than a genuine driving experience.
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Brooklyn Historical Society’s Haitian Heritage Month programs start with a discussion on Brooklyn’s Haitian communities on Thursday, at 6:30 p.m., featuring Haitian Times founder Garry Pierre-Pierre, Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte, New York City Finance Commissioner Jacques Jiha and community activist Jocelyne Mayas.
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Their appearance came as the church celebrated "Blue Sunday," paying tribute to law enforcement. The pastor, David Crosby Jr., brought several state police troopers and local police chiefs on stage to cheers and applause from the congregation of hundreds.
Meanwhile, Mayweather was lustily booed as he made his ring walk, wearing a nattily designed glossy black and gold outfit. Mayweather started fast, landing a pair of hard straight right hands in the opening round. Mayweather appeared to briefly stun Pacquiao with a straight right midway through the second.
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Well that was nearly as good as all my usual predictions. A loose ball from a Chelsea corner is smacked goalwards by Gary Cahill, but Palace get men in front of the ball. Ivanovic follows up and smashes one over the bar.
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Pluto was first discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930, and it is the fartest known planet from the sun; it is small with an elliptical orbit of all the other planets. The New Horizons spacecraft is just 64 million miles from the Pluto at the moment, and the nearer it gets to it in the coming weeks the better the images it will send back of the celestial object.
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"He was the only thing I was worried about (in my apartment)," she said. "I never felt more scared in my entire life. I was freaking out the entire time. I started begging (the firefighters) to let me in my house to get him but they wouldn't let me."
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After trading closed, Emaar reported a 7 percent increase infirst-quarter net profit to 1.03 billion dirhams ($280.4million), beating the estimate of SICO Bahrain, which hadexpected a decline to 856.8 million dirhams.
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Income inequality has already emerged as a major issue inthe 2016 presidential election, with both Republican andDemocratic contenders highlighting middle-class insecurities. (Additional reporting by Jonathan Stempel in Omaha, Neb.;editing by Jennifer Ablan and Matthew Lewis)
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The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star's ongoing battle with Lyme disease has proven to be one of the most difficult challenges she's ever faced, but she's not backing down from the fight.
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Officer Brian Moore, 25, underwent surgery after being rushed in a patrol car to a Queens hospital Saturday evening after he and his partner pulled up in an unmarked police car to a man who was adjusting his waistband suspiciously, police Commissioner William Bratton said.
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Goldberg's mother is co-founder and executive director of the Pacer Center, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit group that assists parents of disabled children and young adults, according to the center's website. His father was an associate dean and professor at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul.
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Meanwhile the well-connected and vocal editor-in-chief of Caixin Media, Hu Shuli, used her column to warn against the risks of pushing a "mad bull" stock market to try to solve the fundamental issues in China's economy.
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The main event between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao was delayed by perhaps 30 minutes as cable and satellite providers were overwhelmed by the amount of orders on pay-per-view, according to HBO spokesman Ray Stallone.
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Well, we still go through a process we call FBCM, which is fully blown crisis mode. We go from FBCM into chiselling the set, learning which songs work next to each other. And once we get to Coney Island, which is the first show on our tour, we need to be all guns blazing. So we're knuckling down.
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It was accused of illegally sharing almost 5,000 songs which meant that, if it had been found guilty, it would have faced a damages bill of up to $736m (480m). Although Grooveshark's defence against the charges would probably have reduced the overall damages it would have faced.
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Almost 85% of children who lived with non-smoking parents had non-detectible cotinine levels. This figure fell to 62% for children living with one parent who smoked, and 43% for children who lived with two smoking parents.
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”As we mark World Press Freedom Day this year, let us honour the memory of those who lost their lives, and intensify our efforts to uphold the fundamental human right to freedom of expression and press freedom.
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Mr Spinney, now 81, also reveals how he was able to use the costume to hide his tears as he dealt with divorce and depression, and when he sang “Bein’ Green” at Jim Henson’s funeral.
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Henry’s own daughter, the future Elizabeth I, was sent away to the country at the age of three months with a household that included nurses, governesses, dressmakers, even a private secretary. She became one of England’s greatest queens, but her reign strengthened the idea that a tough upbringing made for a better monarch. It wasn’t necessary for anyone to see royal children, just to know that they were there.
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But they also broaden the remit of Japan's armed forces, enabling them to operate with the US and other allies in new ways that are not restricted to the narrow and direct defence of Japanese territory itself.
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The Daily News has some of the most memorable photos in sports history. From legendary boxers and iconic tennis players to golfing greats and fabled Olympians, the Daily News has the photos you want of the once-in-a-lifetime sports moments. Find yours today and relive history.
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The body count might have continued to rise had Norris kept his mouth shut about his hobby. But he bragged to a one-time convict he had met in jail. The ex-con went to police and his tips led them to a woman who had been attacked and escaped.
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Ely picked up the words in time for a recording session which was, not atypically for garage bands, shambolic. One verse begins with a fluffed intro from Ely and ends with some of the band going into the chorus early. Drummer Lynn Easton mis-hits and clanks on a metal rim, and you can hear his fricative expletive on the recording.
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Mayor Bill de Blasio, who attended the news conference, said Moore comes from a police family — his father and uncle both retired as sergeants with the department — and de Blasio praised his service.
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There is a solemn but deeply meditative quality to the way he bats for England: as if this were his calling, his mission. In press conferences he looks testy; at parties he looks a little uncomfortable. At the crease, he looks entirely natural.
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But Sampson's enthusiasm waned a couple of years ago as quarterly sales at established restaurants started to flag and then fall. In March 2014, OakBrook sold most of its holdings, figuring that McDonald's stock price was too high for a company with no clear strategy for turning its fortunes around.
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It featured a spoof championship boxing match, directed byJohn Landis of "Trading Places," between welterweight champFloyd Mayweather Jr and "Berkshire Bomber" Buffett, who trainedby running an adding machine and once in the ring stuffed hisface with See's candies instead of a mouthpiece. (Mayweatherdefeated Manny Pacquiao in a real title bout later Saturdaynight.)
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Robert Carroll was driving with his wife Ruth on Oct. 14, 2013 near Hartford when he turned left at a red light he mistakenly thought was green and crashed a car driven by Melinda Hart, a 27-year-old mother of three.
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It is estimated that 100,000 migrants will go through the town of Agadez in Niger this year, higher than in 2014, putting their lives into the hands of smugglers. Some migrants will never make it, dying of thirst en route, or sold to militia for money.
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If only Bill Parcells had pledged to take Peyton Manning with the first overall pick in the 1997 draft he might have skipped his senior year at Tennessee and entered the draft”if only Chad Pennington didn’t keep blowing out his shoulder”if only Parcells had listened to scout Jesse Kaye and drafted Tom Brady in the sixth round before the Patriots did in 2000, even though Parcells had already taken Pennington in the first round”if only Mark Sanchez could have built on how he played in the 2010 playoffs when he beat Manning and Brady back-to-back on the road, then”If only they had drafted Russell Wilson instead of Stephen Hill in 2012, then ...
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After trading closed, Emaar reported a 7 percent increase infirst-quarter net profit to 1.03 billion dirhams ($280.4million), beating the estimate of SICO Bahrain, which hadexpected a decline to 856.8 million dirhams.


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