The fiscal noose is tightening on Greece after weeks of brinkmanship and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras may need to show the European Central Bank in the coming days that he’s willing to work towards a compromise. Failure to do could prompt the ECB to tighten conditions on emergency lending at a meeting on May 6, a decision which would risk pushing Greece further toward default.
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“My girls’ lost teeth are in Ziploc bags in the back of my underwear drawer,” says Jeanne Shapiro, 47, an Upper East Side mom of 11-year-old twin daughters. Right now, those bags are filled with 34 teeth. “It’s kind of gross and I often wonder what I’m saving them for, but I just can’t seem to throw them away.”
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Meanwhile, Dairy Queen sold out its 26,500 ice cream bars,Mini Blizzards and cake slices. Buffett paid $1 for his 7:15a.m. ice cream fix, just before joining Microsoft co-founder andBerkshire director Bill Gates in a newspaper tossing contest.
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Kourtney Kardashian has gone for McGuire's distressed design, currently available at Bloomingdales, but there's plenty of cheaper options too if you want THAT seventies look on a budget - just get shopping our edit below
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Tanning is offered as a perk in many fitness centres and gyms with customers being offered unlimited sessions under the lamps. It has also been noted that young users are mostly introduced to tanning beds as a one-time thing, which they may have planned for their prom, but this soon turns into addiction.
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Bill Guenther, a state forester from Brattleboro, Vermont,said, "I'm one who likes a good seat." He arrived at 1:04 a.m.despite having last year suffered a major foot injury when hecollided with another shareholder as he tried to get that goodseat.
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The baby girl, fourth in line to the British throne, has yet to be named. She was born on Saturday morning at St Mary's Hospital, West London and returned home on Saturday evening after a brief public appearance on the hospital steps.
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In defence, the US notoriously struggles to unearth and promote singing talent, and it’s incredibly difficult to get the world’s best recording artists to go to Las Vegas for a Mayweather-Pacquiao-type event. So you can see why they turned to the comedian dressed as an ice-cream salesman.
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“Obviously the way he’s throwing, the one thing anytime when you’re young and you bring in a guy with that kind of arm strength in the game, I think the thought process is ”Jeez, don’t walk somebody.’ I think that’s no longer even thought about,” said Terry Collins, who didn’t use Familia in Saturday’s 1-0 loss to the Nats. “You don’t even think it, it’s now ”Do what you do.’ Pound the zone with that stuff, and I think when he comes in the game guys have a good feeling that this game is going to be over with.”


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