Aden, a hotbed of anti-Houthi sentiment, has been a flashpoint since the war began on March 26, when the coalition began attacking Houthi forces opposed to Saudi-backed Hadi, who was based in Aden for several weeks before fleeing to Riyadh.

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5. Boxing is still a mess: from the delay of the fight because of problems with PPV orders to the disclosure that Pacquiao fought with a shoulder injury afterward, the sport always seems to leave you scratching your head.

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In spite of their questionable reputation on online security, banks are among the most careful targets for criminals, notwithstanding what Cotton says is their frequent reliance on “old and knackered-out systems”. He is less complimentary about the rest of corporate Britain.

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Whether the films will see golfers shooting lower scores is open to debate but under golf’s rules from the sport’s governing body the Royal & Ancient, players unsure of how to play a hole could whip out their iPhone and watch a video to have a look. Rule 14-3/16 allows players to use a mobile device to “access information on advice related matters that was produced prior to the start of the player’s round”.

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But even if we fully acknowledge all that works against the political clout of the poor in America, it still leaves people in those communities — who, in our urban areas, are typically black and Latino — in need of police protection.

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Not only do Rose and Rodriguez share a common bond of checkered pasts, they also can talk — non-stop — about the game. While Rodriguez has never — at least publicly — suggested he’s interested in spending life after baseball analyzing the game on television, other media mouths often say he is consumed by the sport. And that when he’s finally done playing, Rodriguez will want to stay connected to baseball.

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But she knows she has to get it done, especially when she thinks about her family. She now has five grandkids, including Anthony, who was due to be born the same time Ang was in the hospital for her first surgery. He didn’t arrive until just after Ang was discharged.

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Fitting collars to smaller animals, such as a fox, has disadvantages - such as limiting the size of the battery pack that can be fitted within the collar. Larger mammals are not without problems either.


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