If he is to retain office the Prime Minister has to hope that either his party can pull further ahead or that the polls are underestimating his support, a possibility the record of the polls in previous elections suggests we cannot necessarily dismiss.

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Other potential CEO candidates include insurance executiveAjit Jain, whose decision to join Berkshire three decades agowas hailed by Buffett as one of the "luckiest" events heexperienced, and Berkshire Hathaway Energy chief Gregory Abel,who talked at the meeting about renewable energy. He was theonly person other than Buffett and Munger to field a question.

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Tennis greats Andre Agassi and his wife, Steffi Graf, were also in the front rows, squeezed in alongside boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Hollywood stars Christian Bale and Michael Keating.

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According to doctors working with the World Health Organization (WHO), there are currently 841 million people worldwide who are aged 60 or older. However by 2050, this figure is expected to reach two billion.

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One man's genius is apparently another man's sissy. "I thought he ran very well," quipped Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach. He was being disingenuous. A seven-time trainer of the year, he recognises greatness.

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Amidst all the domestic media hoopla about foxhunts and corruption trials, nothing would send a clearer message about leadership resolve to clean up the system than putting one or two close family tigers behind bars.

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Woods' divorce was part of an infidelity scandal in which Nordegren found out he was having several affairs with other women. The scandal came to light after Tiger Woods crashed his SUV into a tree in his driveway on Thanksgiving night 2009 after Nordegren had confronted him about the other women he was seeing.

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The focus on Berkshire's size has grown over the years asBerkshire has amassed more than 80 businesses, includingcapital-intensive businesses such as the Burlington Northernrailroad, and units that insure against major catastrophes.

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Fighting around Yemen has killed more than 1,000 people,including an estimated 551 civilians since the bombings started,the United Nations said on April 24. Its children's agencyUNICEF said at least 115 children were among the dead.

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On the other hand, there is plenty of debate on whether the pitch is as bad as both sets of batsmen are making it look - I'm inclined to think it isn't. Even if a Gary Ballance masterclass and some lower order biffing earned England another 150-odd runs, that wouldn't be any guarantee.

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The Bellingham Herald reports (http://bit.ly/1I1YpQr ) that about 1,325 first-graders, plus teachers and parents, from all Whatcom County school districts went to the late-April event. It was held at the Northwest Washington Fair & Event Center.

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Witherspoon has been vocal about the empowerment of women in Hollywood. She has been quoted as saying she began her production company after she saw "six of my favorite actresses fighting over a really crappy role".

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Tensions in places such as Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, have prompted candidates to explore the complicated relationship between poor communities and the police, and the deep-seated issues that have trapped many of the 45 million people who live in poverty in the United States.

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Moreover, Berkshire gained a reputation during the globalfinancial crisis as a source of liquidity, investing incompanies as diverse as Goldman Sachs Group Inc, GeneralElectric Co and motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson Inc.

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It's difficult to estimate how many babies are dumped in Chile. Official statistics show that about 10 are found each year, but the real figure could be much higher - most dumps are closed to the public so it's possible that there are more bodies that have never been found.

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Stuck in a stalemate, Bingham produced an astonishing shot to break the deadlock. With the tension through the roof, he played a plant along the cushion, knowing he could leave Trump in should he fail. It went in, and Trump did not return to the table. The two-day, first to 18 frames final, will have to go some way to match this.

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She was 11 when her father was seized as “an enemy of the people.” He was later shot. Her mother was sent away to a prison camp for three years, and Ms. Plisetskaya was taken in by an aunt. She also faced ostracism because of her Jewish heritage.


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