Jay Pharoah took the role of Floyd Mayweather Jr. while Aidy Bryant played Manny Pacquiao. Kenan Thompson acted as a referee, making fun of Pacquiao and Mayweather's age and explaining the rules, which included chatting with celebrities between rounds.

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While Angela Merkel’s government is ruling out further war reparations for Greece, saying the matter was closed by Europe’s acceptance of the treaty that reunified East and West Germany in 1990 at the end of the Cold War, Mr Gauck said Germany should explore compensation for war crimes committed by German soldiers during the war. “It’s the right thing for a historically aware country like ours to explore which possibilities of compensation there might be,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.

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The plan for Jordan is to keep pegging away in t'corridor and wait for Bravo to play that flicky dab. He doesn't yet, though, but there are hearts in mouths and loose bowels when he squirts one off the inside edge past the stumps for two. Nah, Jordan's line to the left-hander is too straight, and he's turned off his pads, then pushes one across Blackwood who tickles it round the corner for a four to bring up the hundred. This is gripping. West Indies have their noses in front now. Two wickets would change everything.

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"From the beginning, I did everything with the help ofothers," he said. He added that there were several people withinthe bank who shared his views and that he had asked for helpfrom contacts he had among police and customs specialists inMontecarlo.

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Mercury in the atmosphere comes from natural sources such as volcanoes, as well as human activities like coal burning. Air currents can transport mercury to the Arctic from mid-latitudes in just a few days.

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As Moore struggled, authorities announced the alleged gunman, Demetrius Blackwell, 35, had been charged with attempted murder, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon. He was awaiting arraignment.

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The Duchess’s PA, Natasha Archer, was on hand to make sure her outfit was spotless and crease-free and to make sure she had all the make-up and toiletries she wanted. A former Hispanic Studies student at King’s College, London, she previously worked for the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

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In the red corner Beyonce worked up a storm in a caped scarlet jumpsuit; meanwhile over in the blue corner Nicki Minaj flaunted her curves in an aqua coloured bodycon dress teamed with matching heels and a multi-coloured Chanel handbag.

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The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life is more than a fundraiser. It's a nationwide event where cancer survivors, caregivers and supporters — family, friends, neighbors and communities — come together in solidarity, with everybody hoping to find a cure for a disease that has claimed the lives of millions.

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"The government of Rwanda and the Ministry of Health has a set vision. It's no secret that NGOs and other foreign investors who are part of the health sector in Rwanda work in line with the vision of the health sector, or they don't work there at all."

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On Saturday, a local helicopter was chartered to fly to safety eight British trekkers who had taken refuge in the remote monastery of Serang Gompa, near Mount Manaslu, the world’s eighth highest peak, but were running short of food and water. They flew out of the country immediately.

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Germany's performance rights organisation, Gema, has always been tight-lipped about its methods, but it's thought that in the past it recorded the tracks clubs played and identified them later, relying on both automatic recognition systems and human memory.

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I will note our ending cash balance on slide 9 includes approximately $21 million of restricted cash as a result of the decisions, the cash collateralized from short-term power commitments that was released unexpected just subsequent to the quarter end. Capital spending during the first quarter was $13 million and we expect spending in the remaining quarters of fiscal 2015 to be higher. As Mike discussed, we will continue to anticipate plan spending levels in that $80 million to $90 million range.

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"All that is left is scattered belongings like bags and coats, all the houses have been thrown down the mountain," said Ganga Sagar Pant, head of the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal. "There is nothing left. I don't think anyone can survive that."

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"At the biological level, we know that adverse experiences including psychological ones can lead to increased inflammation and cortisol levels. However, the interplay between gender, heart disease and psychological factors is poorly understood," commented the team from the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco.

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According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Chlamydia is a common STD that can infect both men and women. It can cause serious and permanent damage to a woman’s reproductive system, making it difficult or impossible for her to get pregnant later on.

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Oh, it was a big story that Alex Rodriguez hit No. 660 and tied Willie Mays on Friday night. But it is Betances and Andrew Miller who start to make you think that the back end of a bullpen can carry the Yankees to October the way the back end of the Royals bullpen did that for them last season, all the way to Game 7 of the World Series.

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Still, this was the optimal town for boxing to rage, rage against the dying of whatever the poet said. Vegas is a place where we humans go to deny the inevitable—it is a mecca of the fake tan, the refastened brow, the bad hairpiece, the sucked-in-gut, the misspent paycheck and the bachelor/bachelorette/conventioneer gone wild. Here even the bleakest reality can be suspended for 48 hours. Mayweather-Pacquiao may not have come at the proper time to save boxing (it should have happened five years ago), but if you squinted hard enough, it resembled a throwback, the real thing.

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President Vladimir Putin expressed "deep, sincere condolences" at her death, the Kremlin said, while Boris Akimov, a star of the 1960s and 1970s who danced with Plisetskaya, told news agency Tass: "She was a ballerina from God."

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Only a few weeks ago, thousands, along with President Obama, gathered in Selma, Ala., to make a historic march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge to commemorate the 50-year anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” when Alabama police told people not to march and brutalized those who did.

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"I feel like I can go out there and be as aggressive as I want to be and take some chances and see what happens," said Earnhardt, who is winless and eighth in the standings. "So I don't feel like points or the Chase or anything will be in the back of my mind bugging me buzzing around. I can go out there and do what I need to do and enjoy myself."

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The on-line tool was developed by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and the Terrific Lakes Commission. It offers facts that can assist policymakers, researchers and other people to see how removing particular barriers or adding new ones would have an effect on the lamprey control work.

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He’s just become a big brother and is about to visit his baby sister for the first time, and little Prince George melted hearts as he arrived at the hospital looking adorable in a cosy cardigan and traditional bloomer shorts.

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So it was 3-2 on Friday night and 4-2 on Saturday afternoon. There were two outs in the eighth on Saturday when Betances came on for Justin Wilson. The score was 3-2, because this was before Chris Young — the guy who should be batting third for the Yankees — hit one over the Green Monster and made it 4-2 in the ninth. Then the kid punched out everybody he saw, because of all that high heat, and checked swings and finally threw a called third strike to Boston’s kid catcher, Blake Swihart. It was all thrilling to watch, whether it was against the bottom of the order or not.

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“There are those who watch the hole guides over and over, listening to the pro’s tips to try to find that single shot that could win them the game,” he said. “There’s also the visiting golfer, who might look at a club’s website and decide from the film it looks nice and that’s why they are going to play there.

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Williams, who three years ago signed a $98 million contract, didn’t speak to the media following his worst season since he was a 21-year-old rookie. A trade would be a welcome development for the point guard, considering the circumstances: he has butted heads with Hollins; he hasn’t adjusted well to living and playing in New York; he has regressed every season — both mentally and physically — since being traded to the Nets in 2011.

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Describing herself as "a pale-faced blonde always dressed in the same winter coat", the diarist paints vivid pictures of her neighbours in the bomb shelter beneath her Berlin apartment block, including a "young man in grey trousers and horn-rimmed glasses who on closer inspection turns out to be a young woman" and three elderly sisters, "all dressmakers, huddled together like a big black pudding".

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“It’s a bang-bang play. It takes a perfect throw,” Girardi said. “And you know, (at Fenway) sometimes there are hits to left field that are hard to score on. Any time you can get to third instead of second, I’m OK with it.”

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Miliband's advisers say such talk of left and right isoutdated and oversimplifies an electorate transformed by theeconomic crisis. A wide spectrum of voters, whatever their viewson other issues, are angry about wage stagnation, inequality andtax avoidance.

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Furthermore, Dr. Georgy F. Sawaya, of the University of California, San Francisco Center for Healthcare Value adds, “By following ACP’s Best Practice Advice, physicians can practice high value care by reducing over-screening, overtreatment, and unnecessarily higher costs.”

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In a sign of how far he's come, this weekend he earned at least $100m in the "fight of the century" against American rival Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. The highly anticipated bout took about half a decade to organise and is the richest event in the history of boxing.


"Boyhood" could be beaten by civil rights drama "Selma" orWorld War Two biopic "The Imitation Game," O'Neil said, andJennifer Aniston could snatch best drama actress for "Cake" fromoverwhelming favorite Julianne Moore for "Still Alice."

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There are over 87,000 different drink combinations at Starbucks, according to the coffee retailer’s website… but how many of them do you know? From flu remedies to Harry Potter-inspired beverages, we highlight the weird and the wonderful brews and infusions.

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During the fiscal year that ended in March, Myanmarattracted foreign direct investment totalling $8 billion, ofwhich more than 35 percent was generated by the energy sector,according data released by Myanmar Investment Commission.

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"I am not from central casting. You can find people who aremore square-jawed. More chiselled. Look less like Wallace," hesaid to laughter. "You could probably even find people who lookbetter eating a bacon sandwich."

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“I find it astounding that the NUS has suddenly decided that they should reject a programme which is designed to prevent people being drawn into terrorism and team up with an organisation which has praised people who are involved in terrorism,” she says. It is “frankly shocking” that the NUS thinks Cage is a “suitable” group to work with.

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This 1-0 win not only ended a sequence of four straight away defeats but means that only the near impossible scenario of three defeats and three wins for Liverpool in the remaining weeks of the season, coupled with a 24 goal swing, can now prevent them finishing in the top four.

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"I am not from central casting. You can find people who aremore square-jawed. More chiselled. Look less like Wallace," hesaid to laughter. "You could probably even find people who lookbetter eating a bacon sandwich."

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According to US researchers, previous studies have tended to only consider the impact of depression on heart patients, however the presence of these two conditions in such patients represents a ‘psychosocial perfect storm'.

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The church joins several UK institutions that have already signed up to the movement, including Glasgow University and the British Medical Association. But for some, the announcement does not go far enough.

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Warren Buffett cut his investing teeth while working alongside value investing champion Benjamin Graham, and as a result, Buffett spent the early years of his investing career focused intently on finding insanely cheap stocks, regardless of the underlying company's long-term prospects.

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It's umpire's call. So not out. Both reviews gone for England. That one could really have gone either way - if Bowden had given it out (and he easily could have done) then Hope would have been gone on review.

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Abortions were illegal in Germany according to Article 218 of the penal code, but Luchterhand says "there was a small window for those women because of that special situation of the mass rapes in 1945".


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