As suggested by one of our viewers, and as a sequel to the very popular Conspiracy Game we're pleased to present a NEW WordCount game!!! (Please, hold your applause).

THE CHALLENGE: In WordCount, find strings of THREE consecutive words that make the BEST 1970's movie character names. (Please also supply actors' real names, as in: starring "Jon", as "Washington Royalty")

Email your discoveries to: jjh "AT" number27 "DOT" org
The best ones will be posted here.

The CAST so far:

Appearing soon in theaters everywhere!!!! "The Conquisator", starring:

"Jon" as "Warrington Royalty" (10660-10662)
"Flip" as "Cobra Jefferson" (18330-18332)
"Pablo" as "Breather Fu" (28598-28600)
"Tina" as "Spheres Venus" and "Tonic Jumper" (10845-10849)
"Paul" as "Original Chief" (884-886)
"Julia" as "Honey Borders" (5385-5387)
"Leroy" as "Tawney Mystification" (38586-38588)
"Kimberley" as "Quarterdeck Ballymacarrett" (57273 - 57275)
"Ricardo" as "Giggles Brimming" (22765 - 22767)
"Desi" as "Dengue Kettlewell" (66422 - 66424)
"Lenin" As "Heroic Donation" (9980 - 9982)
"McCarthy" as "Roosevelt Watkins" (13659-13661)
"Malcom" as "Marvellous Morgan Vertical" (4604-4607)
"Reefer" as "Minya Telomeres" (67838-67840)
"TJ" as the "Lymphocytic Judiciar" (50347-50349)
"Vince" as "Crumwallis Hollows" (23387-23389)
"Len" as "Sparks Satin" (11821-11823)
"Vigil" as "Nape Omar" (19076-19078)
"Alison" as "Stanley Phenomena" (5730-5732)
"Tad" as "Busting Berghaus" (39700-02)
"Andrea" as "Parasite Athenian" (14941-43)
"Nils" as "Upstart Ruggiero" (38699-38701)
"Hap" as "Capriccio Macrobert" (65404-06)
"Meredith" as "Holly Saints" (7098-7100)
"Roger" as "Stream Waters" (3555-3557)
"Cookie" as "Siamese Bask" (31859-61)
"Becky" as "Sniffing Brent" (13849-51)
"Adam" as "Uncle Spanish" (2775-77)
"Rick" as "Jess Triumphant" (10992-94)
"Debra" as 'candy toyota' (13672-3)
"Encomium" as "Capellan Fernandes" (61123-61125)
"Mathieu" as "Kilter Prevaler" (61129-61131)
"Gavin Morrison" as "Tate Flush" (9200-9203)
"Karena" as "Sweetish Geronimo" (77889-77891)
"Hubris" as "Spastics Bladders" (39074-39076)

Email your discoveries to: jjh "AT" number27 "DOT" org

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