THE CHALLENGE: In Wordcount, find sequences of consecutive words that seem to form conspiratorial phrases. Please email your discoveries to: jjh "AT" number27 "DOT" org.


  • 992–995
    america ensure oil opportunity
  • 30523–30525
    despotism clinching internet
  • 4304–4307
    microsoft aquire salary tremendous
  • 17244–17246
    neon porn convict
  • 5283–5285
    angel seeks supper
  • 3046–3051
    iraq winner, fucking smooth, nick votes (GWB's election strategy?)
  • 7964–7967
    homosexual loses papal schooling
  • 8562–8565
    conspicuous brutal snake tomatoes
  • 53425–53426
    backstreet leotards
  • 78963–78964
    toucan tonsillectomy
  • 4136–4139
    temple plot establishing courage
  • 3474–3476
    apple formula: imagination
  • 23134–23138
    manipulative fruity adolf waived munitions (WW2 story?)
  • 372–405
    Society seemed kind, began God, top start! Itself wanted economic love, means upon areas, affect likely English City - therefore woman real position: centre, south England. Community view? Gave hard job among staff! (Hidden message from God on the role of women??...)
  • 4363–4368
    mathematics, fool, specially brush inspection, lad (In answer to the apprentice shoe-shine boy asking his wise old master: "What are the most important of our daily activities?")
  • 17032–17037
    hushed caledonian jock embraces innocently polyester (unwitting fashion crimes in glasgow)
  • 1443–1445
    conservative reduce vote
  • 1941–1945
    faith establish facts requires membership
  • 2629–2634
    bush admit specifically agents smell denied
  • 30591–30594
    halloween pastimes rebuffed tranquilizers
  • 30613–30615
    wealthiest redefine stalwarts
  • 20652–20654
    angelica howled orgasm
  • 38599–38606
    Hijackers underpaid, incurs ministration oakes legato, jeopardized NYSE
  • 9515–9523
    sexy stalin thee lethal limb registrar manages monuments indoors
  • 1224–1226
    environmental damage proposed
  • 728–729
    Dark talking... thinking success (Cheney's master plan...)
  • 6456–6459
    Legally, priests lacked financing (Problems for the Catholic Church...)
  • 13915–13918
    Defiant clone stung coupling (The future of reproduction?)
  • 20414–20416
    brando lbs predominate
  • 19643–19646
    surfing martyrs tearful stockbrokers
  • 16047–16048
    arafat unhealthy
  • 579–581
    Return financial president (The plea of the american people)
  • 1332–1339
    homework, insane blind into vodka, xenophobic office chemistry (The consequences of too much schoolwork, on the workplace of the future)
  • 7365–7373
    contributing liberals' unclear herion accountant agrees detectives eyebrows transform (The liberals incoherent drug accountant is hallucinating about the policeman's facial hair)
  • 16307–16311
    vagina conservationists, condoms downright plagued (The catholic church got to you, didn't they?)
  • 953–956
    Germany october products popular (Oktoberfest)
  • 5744–5745
    sixties trips