Wordcount allows you to browse the 88,000 most frequently used English words. You can search for words 4 different ways:

1) Search by name. Enter a word by name into the "Find Word" box and press enter, or click the gray arrow next to the box

2) Search by rank. Enter a word rank into the "By Rank" box and press enter, or click the gray arrow next to the box

3) Search within the entire language. The gray graph that stretches across the whole screen represents the entire English language. By clicking any point on the graph, you will be taken to the word that corresponds to that point. A great way to browse the language!

4) Move forward/back one word at a time. To browse the language word by word, use the "Previous Word" and "Next Word" buttons at the top of the screen.

At all times, the red "Current Word" slider adjusts to represent the currently chosen word's place in the English language. Try typing your name -- how popular are you?


Wordcount requires some heavy CPU usage. Some computers handle this better than others. If you're having difficulties, try closing all other other programs and reloading WordCount.

Also, you'll need Flash 6 or later. If you don't have Flash 6, you can click below to get it.